“What is the C500 video format? Can I edit EOS C500 video in FCP? I want to make a short video for my doctor. Net month is my doctor birthday. ” Below is Canon EOS C500 FCP solution- Transfer C500 MXF to FCP Apple ProRes 422.
The Cinema EOS C500 4K Digital Cinema Camera capitalizes on the groundbreaking ergonomic design of the EOS C300 camera, and offers a Super 35mm, 8.85-megapixel CMOS image sensor, DIGIC DV III Image Processor and an expansive range of recording and output options specifically for 4K and 2K image acquisition.

A 4K workflow offers four times the resolution of standard high-definition acquisition, resulting in life-like theatrical presentations, a familiar, film-style workflow, full versatility during post-production, and added flexibility for visual effects.

Canon EOS C500 records 50Mbps OP-1a MXF file format with 8 bit MPEG-2 Long GOP compression codec on CF card. The MXF is a “container” format which supports a number of different streams of coded “essence”, encoded with any of variety of codecs, together with a metadata wrapper which describes the material contained within the MXF file.
For Canon EOS C500 users, you may want to edit the MXF video footage captured with Final Cut Pro. However, the MXF file format is such incompatible that FCP can do nothing with these C500 MXF files.

Canon EOS C500 FCP Converter is the beneficial application designed to help edit Canon EOS C500 on Mac with ease. With Drorsoft C500 MXF to FCP Converter, you can convert Canon EOS C500 MXF to Apple ProRes 422 or Apple ProRes 444 for better editing in FCP 6/7/X.

And you can convert Canon C500 MXF to MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG to play MXF file on all Android and Apple Tablets and smart phones.

Step 1: Install and run Drorsoft Canon EOS C500 FCP Converter, add MKF video file into this popular program.

Step 2: Choose Apple ProRes profile

Click “Format” bar, you can choose “Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 HQ (*.mov)”. This profile provided you best video codec for editing in FCP 6/7/X.

Tip: You can click “Settings” button to customize the Audio/Video parameters based on your personal requirements. Adjust the resolution, bitrate, frame rate or codec to meet your requirement.

Step 3: Convert C500 MXF to FCP 6/7/X

After the above steps are done, you can click “Convert” button to convert C500 MXF to Apple ProRes 422. The Canon C500 to FCP Converter supports batch conversion so you may load multiple MXF files and convert MXF to Apple ProRes 422 or ProRes 444 at one time.

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